Advisor Successor Number (ASN)

The Advisor Success Number (ASN) is a proprietary measurement of a financial advisor's strengths and weaknesses throughout the total lifecycle of client engagement. A high ASN has been statistically proven to be highly correlated with success and even superstardom, while a low ASN can be a launching point to resolve weaknesses and jumpstart your career. Find out your ASN by brutally honestly answering the follow questions rating yourself on a scale between one and five.
1. Weak      2. Needs Help      3. Average     
4. Good      5. Excellent
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1.   Rate your proficiency at prospecting and finding new clients?

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2.   Rate your proficiency in profiling a prospect to figure out their true motivation, goals, objectives, and pain points?
3.   Rate your ability to build solutions utilizing planning, financial products and insurance that properly fill the client's needs and resolve the clients pain points helping them achieve their goals?
4.   Once you have determined a prospects pain points and have adequately demonstrated that you can resolve the client's pain, rate your fortitude in the eyes of rejection? In other words, if a prospect rejects your ideas do you give up easily or do you relentlessly pursue the prospect for weeks, months and even years to come?
5.   Do you become friends with your top client's? In other words, do your best clients become part of your social circle?
Please input your name and email and your report will be emailed to you instantly. You will receive your Advisor Success Score along with some very helpful tips that drive success and make you a more complete advisor.

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